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The below hose crimper is the newest models of our company. We focus on high quality products.

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Bulk Shipping

Bulk goods are transported by sea at a low cost usually.

Quick Shipping

If hurry, we can also send it to you by air at an extra cost.

Quality Control

We have QC to guarantee the quality.

Free Sample

We can send you free samples for hose and fittings.

OEM Avaliable

We support any form of OEM customization requirements.

Global Support

contact us 24x7 to solve all your after-sales problems.

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Purchaser Manager






Why can we provide one-stop hydraulic purchasing solution?

Firstly, our team members have 5 to 7 years’ industry experience, so they can reply to your questions and provide products solution quickly. 

Secondly, except for some products we can produce by ourselves, we cooperate with some famous manufacturers in China. We can help customers match different hydraulic products and also good quality. It can save your time largely. In addition, even if customers’ order is small, we can also help customers do it.

At last, not only we provide after-sales service, but also provide some valuable information to help our customers to expand their business.


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