Introduction of reusable hose fittings

What is Reusable fittings?

Reusable hose fittings are an excellent choice for emergency repairs.There is no crimper required, so it can make operating workers get the hose assembly more quickly without professional tools. 

It is mainly used for R5 hose, R2 hose and so on. If you would like to use fittings for other hoses, such as 2 wire hose, you need to provide us with inner diameter, outer diameter and so on. 

Reusable hydraulic hose fittings are typically used to repair damaged fittings in existing hydraulic hose assemblies and help reduce downtime of hydraulic systems. Also known as field installable fittings, they attach to compatible hydraulic hoses and are tightened with a wrench. These fittings are suitable for connecting hoses in hydraulics and general-purpose industrial applications to convey hydraulic fluid, air, and nonpotable water.

Then how to install reusable fittings?

  1. Ensure the ends of your hose have clean, straight cuts.
  2. The fitting will come screwed together. To begin, unscrew and take the two pieces apart.
  3. A little bit your pump oil on a rag wipe it on the hose.Then hose is fixed in your vise and don’t clamp down too tight,and just tighten it up.
  4. Turn the socket piece onto the hose end. Start by hand and finish with your wrench. Then keep turning until the hose butts against the inner shelf of the socket.
  5. Spray some lubricant inside the socket to lubricate the inside of the hose and threads on the socket to make it easier to thread on.
  6. Insert the stem and tighten by hand to get it started. Keep turning until the two pieces are tight against each other.

Application of Reusable hose fittings

Reusable hose fittings are applied in these field: medium pressure and high temperature hose lines for a variety of applications including truck, industrial, and small engine where temperature may be a problem.

Pressure: Determind by hose butst pressure

Material: Carbon steel and stainless steel  

Plating: Zinc; clear trivalent chrome


Very popular in heavy-duty truck markets. Can be used with a variety of hoses allowing for a diverse number of applications.

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