2″ Digital Control Y120 Hose Crimping Machine

Y120 hose crimper is perfect for service crimping in the hardest environments all around the world. The traditional strong design is ideal for extreme working conditions for example in mines or tropical sites.

Additional information

Crimping Range


Max. Hydraulic Hose

2" 4SP

Max. Opening


Opening Without Dies


Accessible Diameter


Master Die Length


Max. Crimping Force


Motor Power


Standard Voltage


System Pressure








Product Video

This is a digital control hose crimper and it can crimp 1/4inch to 2inch, 4 wire rubber hose. It includes 10sets of dies.

Product Details:

Y120 hose crimping machine is very easy to operate and offers affordable crimping in service operations. The compact design of Y120 means it is easily movable to anywhere.

Application of hydraulic crimping machine

The crimping force of the hydraulic hose crimping machine is 2000KN, with a crimping range of 6~73mm and 14 sets of the standard die. Y120 hose crimpers are widely used for crimping high-pressure fuel pipes, industrial hoses, fire sprinkler hoses, automobile brake cables, water hoses, air conditioner hoses, and bathroom hoses, etc.

Max. inner diameter

Industrial hoses: 2½”

Hoses with 2 braided wires: 2″

Hoses with 4 spiral wires: 2″

Low-pressure hoses φ6, φ8, φ10, φ12

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