How to choose the right hydraulic hose?

When it comes to products involving hydraulic hoses, how to choose the right hydraulic hose is the first thing that customers should consider.

Determination of technical indicators: to understand the needs of the product, and then determine the main indicators of hydraulic hoses according to the needs. For example: working pressure, hydraulic hose inner diameter, hydraulic hose outer diameter, hydraulic hose transport medium, use environment, service life, length size, minimum bending radius and other aspects, set out a detailed table to determine the required hydraulic hose of each technical index. The following 8 aspects to explain how to choose.

1. Working Pressure

This depends on the maximum working pressure, can meet the requirements, do not require too high when choosing, enough can be used.

2. Inner diameter of hydraulic hose

Ensure that the medium transmitted within the hydraulic hose can be transmitted smoothly and without blockage, selected according to the size of the caliber of the product applied, not too large or too small.

3. Outer diameter of hydraulic hose

Choose according to the size of the applied product caliber, not too large or too small, to ensure that it can be assembled properly and does not leak.

4. Conveying medium

This is very important, be sure to pay attention to the selection of the corresponding hydraulic hoses, for example: the medium of transport is hydraulic oil, then choose to choose the hydraulic oil resistant.

5. Usage Environment

Selecting hoses according to the environment in which they are used, looking at whether the environment is harsh, whether it is open air, time of light, whether there is frequent friction, external temperature, etc.

6. Service life

Select the appropriate service life according to the requirements of the product, taking into account the difficulty and cost of replacing the hydraulic hose when its life is up.

7. Length

According to the size of the product and the specific circumstances of its use, choose the appropriate length size, try to achieve just right, not to let it bend excessively or always in a state of vigorous tightness.

8. Minimum bending radius

Because there is a minimum bending radius requirement for hydraulic hoses in use, it is necessary to take into account the specific location of the products using hydraulic hoses and determine the appropriate minimum bending radius, so that the normal use environment of hydraulic hoses does not exceed the minimum bending radius.


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