1/8″ to 2″ 4SP touch screen hydraulic hose crimping machine price

The machine is equipped with 7 kinds of operation modes: manual mode, return automatically mode, semi-automatic mode, automatic mode, trigger switch mode, Time delay mode, quick change mode. It can improve your working efficiency.

Additional information

H.C. Material

Forge Steel (Cr40)

Crimping Range


Max. Opening


Opening Without Dies


Standard Voltage



Touch screen

Noise Level


Max. Hydraulic Hose

2" 4SP

Motor Power






Product Video

This machine adaopts touch screen control system and make operation more easy. It can crimp 2inch 6SP hose.

Product Details:

CYT-91C-8 is the newest model of 2021 of our company. It includes 12sets of dies and one set of quick-change dies tools. The dies adopt the newest vacuum quenching technology and improve the life of dies. In addition, it can avoid surface oxidation.


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