2″ 12V/24V Y51V Mobile Hose Crimper

Y51V crimping machine is designed for field service when repairs must be made on-site, it is simple and compact in construction, easy to operate.

Additional information

Crimping Range


Max. Hydraulic Hose

2" 4SP

Max. Opening


Opening Without Dies


Accessible Diameter


Master Die Length


System Pressure


Max. Crimping Force


Motor Power








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This is a 12V/24V hose crimper. It is mainly used for outdoor and can crimp 1/4inch to 2inch, 4 wire rubber hose.

Product Details:

Y51V is battery powered with 12V or 24V, provides 2000KN crimping force in a highly compact, ergonomic design. Portability and usefulness for service vehicles in carious industries make them ideal for field service and emergency repairs.

Application of 2″ 12V/24V hose crimping machine

Y51V hydraulic hose crimper machine is powered by 12V/24V DC and is mainly used for outdoor mobile mechanical maintenance. The crimp force of vehicle hose crimper is 2000KN and the crimping range is 6-80mm. The hose crimper is equipped with 10 sets of standard dies. It is widely used for crimping high-pressure fuel pipes, hydraulic hoses, wire ropes, and automobile brake cables.

Max. inner diameter

Industrial hoses: 2″

Hoses with 2 braided wires: 1¼”

Hoses with 4 spiral wires: 1¼”

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