CYT 51CSD 2inch 4SP manual hose crimping machine

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CYT 51CSD 2inch manual hose crimper can crimp 1/4″ to 2″ 4 wire hose. It is very suitable for remote area which no electricity or outdoor repair.

Additional information

Crimping Range

1/4" to 2"

Max. Opening


Opening Without Dies


System Pressure


Output volume of pump


Standard Voltage

0 V





Product Video

In the video it is 2inch manual hose crimping machine. It is from our regular customer in Cote d’Ivoire. He is crimping R7 hose and fittings.

Product Details:

CYT 51CSD 2inch manual hose crimping machine is easy to operate. It includes 10sets of dies and we can also customize dies like 1/8″ dies.

This model can crimp hydraulic hose, brake hose, power steering hose and so on. The voltage also can be done as per customers’ request.

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