Portable P16hp 1inch manual hose crimper

P16HP is a manually operated hydraulic crimping machine for repair workshop. This portable hand-operated portable crimper works even in places where is no electricity or compressed air is not available.

Additional information

H.C. Material

Forge Steel (Cr40)

Crimping Range


Max. Opening


Opening Without Dies


Max. Hydraulic Hose

1inch, 2SN

Master Die Length


System Pressure


Max. Crimping Force


Motor Power

Hand pump







Product Video

It includes 7 sets of dies and a 1/8inch die can be customized.

Product Details:

Product Details of P16hp manual hose crimper:

1) Hand operated hydraulic hose crimper

*The hand-operated hydraulic hose crimper has great advantages for mobile mechanical maintenance and outdoor situations with no power supply.

*The crimper is small in size and weight, portable, and very easy to move.

*There is no need for a power supply and thus few environmental constraints.

*The customized hand-operated hydraulic pump provides stable crimp force.

2) Material

The oil cylinder cover, oil tank, and piston rod are made of 40 chromium, which is high pressure resistant with great impact-absorbing capacity and improves the durability of the oil tank and piston rod.

3) Hydraulic conduction system

With the steel pipe connection, the hydraulic conduction system is oil-tight with little heat and stable pressure conduction.

4) Die connection

Our crimping dies are connected through magnetism, which makes it convenient for assembly and disassembly, and the crimping is neat.

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